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Welcome to Mind•Body•Life Retreat
with Victoria Davis of WellspringMind at Peace Retreat, Costa Rica

Join us for a 5 day, all-inclusive, Mind•Body•Life experience

in the jungled coastline of Costa Rica’s Pacific Northwest!

This is a sanctuary for connection, transformation and deep self discovery nestled sweetly into the dry tropics of the Guanacaste Province. We begin each day with meditative movement to clear the mind, set meaningful intentions, and enliven the spirit. Guided by three expert practitioners, each day offers a unique combination of meditation, movement, meaningful discourse, and ceremony designed for internal exploration and deep, personal healing. Food is medicine at Mind-Body-Life, where each meal is guided by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to holistically support your experience. 


Mind-Body-Life is unique in its carefully selected integration of ancient Eastern and Indigenous traditions. Drawing from meditative and mind-based trainings of Buddhist origin, Ayurvedic & Yogic teachings of traditional India, and Indigenous shamanic rituals native to the land, each offering has been curated specifically to support you on your individual journey. Whether you’re new to spiritual practice or decades in, this 5-day experience will leave you feeling awakened, renewed, and dynamically inspired to enact meaningful change in support of your deepest authenticity and genuine flourishing. 



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Victoria Davis

Victoria is the founder of WellspringMind, a New York based mental wellness company offering in-office meditation and stress reduction practices. She’s an avid meditator, yogi and mental health advocate. Diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder before the age of 10, Victoria was an early adopter of mindfulness and movement-based practices for mental balance and flourishing. Initially introduced to meditation in 2012, she has been plumbing the depths of her own mind in solitude and community-based retreat spaces for ten years. Victoria has dedicated her life to sharing practices that balance the body, settle the mind and cultivate genuine happiness. She began teaching in 2015, is an E-RYT 500, and is currently committed to sharing the unparalleled growth opportunity that isolated retreat experience uniquely offers.


Serena Arora

With over 20 years teaching and facilitating offerings based in yoga therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine (B.Ed, MHT, CAP, C-IAYT, E-RYT500), Serena will support you in unlocking your inner wisdom and direct you on a path towards health and healing. A certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Yoga Therapist, and a Masters in Holistic Therapy, Serena brings a unique depth of knowledge, experience, and transformation to her students and clients. Currently based in Costa Rica, Serena serves as co-founder and director for Swastha Yoga International and Peace Retreat Costa Rica - a yoga retreat center in the small surf town of Playa Negra, on the Pacific Gold Coast.


Alejandro Quiros

Alejandro was born in Costa Rica. His native roots are the Bagatzí that comes from a mixture of clans from the north and central America. Years after living in the capital city of San José, Alejandro started to look for answers related to his life purpose. His travels and shamanic studies have taken him all over the world to a variety of leaders and teachers. He has guided hundreds of sweat lodges and sacred ceremonies of all kinds in order to raise the consciousness of others. Currently, Alejandro lives with his wife and daughters in Talamanca and guides ceremonies all around Costa Rica.

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