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We cannot wait to welcome you into this life-changing experience!

Here’s what you’ll need to know to for arrivals, immigration & customs, travel and packing.

Mind•Body•Life Retreat is in partnership with Peace Retreat of Costa Rica. 


Use this address for customs:

Peace Retreat, Easy Street Los Pargos, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


Contact Number: +506 2652-9041 or +506 8416-8151



Liberia Guanacaste Airport, when you arrive... 

  • ensure you have a return ticket to show the Immigration Officer

  • collect your baggage and proceed to double doors to exit the airport


Once outside the terminal, you will notice many drivers holding signs with different names.

Look for the sign that says “Peace Retreat” and greet your driver.


Settle in for the 75-minute drive from Liberia airport to the retreat space. 




We will organize two shuttles for arrivals and departures at no additional charge. If your flight is severely delayed or you arrive significantly earlier than shuttle times, you may be responsible for the airport transit fee of $100 USD. Payment in this case will be made directly to the shuttle driver.




Costa Rica upholds a $29 USD exit tax. Most airlines automatically add this to the price of your ticket and nothing additional is required of you at the airport, but check with a ticketing agent to see if you need to pay the tax prior to checking in for your flight.  If necessary, proceed to the tax counter, pay your tax, then check into your flight with your receipt. PLEASE HAVE CASH in case either is required for your visit. 



NOTE: Sea Shells will be confiscated by customs if found in checked or carry-on luggage.




  • sunscreen

  • tennis shoes or sandals with straps

  • multiple changes of clothes

  • first aid supplies

  • hat & sunglasses

  • toiletries (soap, shampoo etc)

  • reading material

  • bug spray

  • bathing suit/s

  • sarong (or light clothing for sweatlodge)

  • flashlight or headlamp 

  • beach towel

  • refillable water bottle

  • beach bag

  • necessary medication

  • CASH — this will make your life easier




There are no ATMs in Playa Negra and the nearest bank is in Santa Cruz, 30-minutes by taxi.

USD is accepted everywhere, and you can exchange for local Colones at the airport if preferred. 

Most businesses in Playa Negra accept credit/debit cards. 

Cash (USD or Colones) is accepted everywhere. 

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